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How It Works

Since 87% of all buyers will use an agent to purchase their next home and agents will use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to find homes for their buyers, you will dramatically increase your exposure when you list on the MLS. List with flatfeemlsgroup.com, pay a flat fee, and receive the same exposure as sellers who pay 6%.

In a traditional real estate transaction, you would pay around 6% at closing. Out of this 6%, half, or 3% usually goes to the listing agent, and 3% goes to the buyer's agent. With a flat fee listing, you eliminate the 3% listing commission and replace it with the flat fee listing price. You get all the same exposure and the same MLS listing that you normally would for a full 6%.

If a buyer's agent is involved in bringing a buyer to you, you still pay a commission to that agent as you would in a traditional real estate transaction - this is what motivates them to show your home. However, through the whole process, you retain the right to sell your home yourself to save even more money.

Listing a property on the MLS notifies all area agents that your home is for sale. Since 87% of buyers are represented by agents, you must connect with them to get the maximum number of offers! The best way to connect with these agents and their buyers is to list on the MLS with a flat fee listing.

Once you decide which plan is right for you, you can place your order.The listing agent will contact you to get any information they need, depending on which plan you purchase, and list your property on the MLS listing service. It really is that easy to get your property listed onto the MLS and get the exposure that all real estate agents use to find potential buyers.

Your listing on the MLS will look like all the other listings done by traditional brokers. Typically you will need to negotiate what commission you are willing to pay the buyers broker, but you are still able to find your own buyer and pocket the commission.

How Much Can I Save

Use the calculator below to find out how much you can save by using our flat fee listing service over a traditional real estate agent.

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